Spice of Life – Old Bay

Buzzfeeds new uses for Old BayOld Bay is a staple at my house, we literally buy it in bulk at Sams Club.  I use it every year during Sperrys & Stripes to make our clam boil, for summer salads, and of course for our seafood dishes.  Imagine my joy as I am scrolling through the BuzzFeed site and came across this article with even more ways to incorporate Old Bay into my life.  I think I’m most excited to try the recipe for french fries (and let’s be honest the Bloody Mary).

Shrimp Salad

old bay shrimp saladYou know it’s summer when the Hellmann’s labels start to read 20% more free.

There are no exact measurements for this recipe because it’s all about personal taste.  I don’t like a ton of mayo so I usually go with just enough to coat the shrimp and then load on the Old Bay.

Shrimp Salad
cocktail shrimp
Hellmann’s Real MayonaiseCelery
Old Bay

– cut shrimp into small sections and coat with Old Bay (about 1 tsp per cup of shrimp)
– mix in mayo and diced celery
– serve with crackers, pita chips, or crostinis
old bay shrimp salad

Summer Pasta Salad

simple summer pasta salad

Simple Summer Pasta Salad
1 lb farfalle noodles, cooked
1 jar of marinated artichoke hearts
2 cups cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 cup parmesan cheese
10-15 fresh basil leaves, chopped
1/4 cup EVOO

Combine all in a bowl, add S&P to taste, and chill before serving.

Puff Pastry Breakfast Tarts

puff pastry breakfast tartsPuff Pastry Breakfast Tarts (yield 8)
1 box frozen puff pastry
8 eggs
2 cups Parmesan Cheese
1 leek, chopped finely
3 oz crumbled goat cheese
3 oz pancetta
3 oz sun dried tomatoes
arugulastep by step puff pastry tarts

– thaw puff pastry, roll out, and cut each sheet into four squares
– bake pastry squares for 10 minutes at 425
– push the center of the puff pastry in and create a well of parmesan cheese in the middle
– carefully crack one egg into the middle of each pastry and sprinkle S&P to taste
– top with leek, pancetta, sun dried tomatoes, and goat cheese
– pierce egg yolk and bake for 8 minutes
– top with arugula, and bake an additional two minutes

puff pastry breakfast tarts Continue reading “Puff Pastry Breakfast Tarts”

Mini Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

mini fruit and yogurt parfaitWhen it comes to preparing party food phyllo cups are my best friend.  They are the perfect bite size treat and provide a great base for a variety of appetizers.  These mini fruit parfaits are great for brunch and only take a few minutes to prepare.

Mini Fruit Parfait
16 pre-baked phyllo cups
16 oz vanilla greek yogurt
1 pint raspberries
1 pint blueberries
2-3 T honey
6 or so leaves of fresh basil, chopped

Spoon the yogurt into phyllo cups and top with fruit.
Drizzle honey over the cups and garnish with fresh basil.mini fruit and yogurt parfaits